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    4L-1.0 Soybean Combine Harvester

    The 4L-1.0 soybean combine harvester is wheeled full-feeding and self-propelled type. It use automatic formed floating cutter to ensure lowest harvesting height, and use re-threshing device to obtain low loss rate and high cleanliness.
    • FOTMA
    • 4L-1.0
    • Soybean harvesting
    • 1 unit
    • T/T or L/C at sight
    • 12 months since arrival at destination port
    • Qingdao, China
    1. Use of automatic formed floating cutter to ensure lowest harvesting height.
    2. Application of double rollers.
    3. Use of re-threshing device obtains low loss rate and high cleanliness.
    4. Short time in the machine and shorter threshing roller,increase the quality, colour and luster.
    5. Stem and skin collected separately, more systematic.
    Model 4L-1.0
    Type Wheel full feed self-propelled
    Main Performance Loss Rate ≤3.0%
    Grain Broken Rate ≤5.0%
    Impurities Rate ≤5.0%
    Work reliability ≥90
    Cutting Width(mm) 2562
    Feed(Kg/s) 0.5-1.0
    Running speed(Km/h) 2.48-16
    Diesel Engine Model 4102
    Power(KW) 48
    Rotate Speed(r/min) 2600
    Average Oil Consumption per Hectare(Kg/hm²) ≤19
    Working Productivity(Hm²/h) 5-10
    Total Weight(kg) 3050
    Dimension(L×W×H)(mm) 6210 x 3180 x 2930
    Ground Clearance(mm) 315
    Header Reel Type Spring-tined
    Reel Diameter(mm) Φ900
    Reel Bat 5 Piece
    Cross auger Type Screw auger, eccentric extensible link
    Cross Auger Diameter(mm) Φ500
    Clearance between Auger and Bed Plate(mm) 12-20
    Cutter bar Stroked(mm) 76.2
    Cutter bar Type Domestic strandard II
    Conveyor Type Flat belt raked tine,forced feed
    Width(mm) 500
    Threshing Drum Type Axial flow rasp bar
    Diameter(mm) Φ480 adjustable
    Length(mm) 1190
    Concave Type Grid based
    Angle(°) 212
    Separation Area(m²) 0.96
    Sieve Type Double sieves + fan + re-threshing
    above sieve(m²) 0.56
    bottom sieve(m²) 0.7
    Fan Type Retroverted straight-blade centrifugal
    Diameter(mm) Φ420
    Grain Auger Diameter×Thread Pitch(mm) Φ125×115
    Unloading type Mechanical
    Tank capacity(m3) 0.75
    Chassis Type 4×2 wheeled
    Front-wheel tread(mm) 1300 adjustable
    Trailing wheel tread(mm) 1270 adjustable
    Gear box 3×2+1
    Wheelbase(mm) 1985
    Front-wheel Model 9.5-24
    Trailing Wheel Model 6.0-16
    Tire Pressure(MPa) Trailing wheel 0.36
    Running speed(Km/H) 2.8-1.9
    Oil Tank Capacity(L) 47
    Operator 1 Person

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