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    1. To clean up constructions;
    2. To dig the ground;
    3. To smooth out uneven terrain.
    • FOTMA

    1. To clean up constructions areas by moving large piles of dirt from one place to another regardless of terrain
    2. To dig the ground
    3. To smooth out uneven terrain with the use of the digging bucket
    4. To create trenches
    5. To carve ditches or dikes
    6. To remove deep-seated roots of trees

    1. Suits all types of tractors with Cat 1 or 2, 3-point linkage kit;
    2. Joystick style control console;
    3. Tough and reliable hydraulic arm;
    4. Individually controlled support legs;
    5. Boom lockout pins for transport.

    Model BK-6N BK-7.5N BK-215
    Digging depth 73.9"(1877mm) 90.2"(2219mm) 86.6"(2200mm)
    Swing angle 180° 180° 180°
    Loading height 65.0"(1651mm) 75.5"(1918mm) 72.8"(1850mm)
    Reach-from centerline swing pivot 98.1"(2492mm) 116.5"(2959mm) 126"(3200mm)
    Transport height 70.7"(1796mm) 79.8"(2027mm) 83.8"(2120mm)
    Bucket rotation 180° 180° 180°
    Stabilizer spread-full up 59.0"(1498mm) 59.0"(1498mm) 46.5"(1180mm)
    Shipping weight 396kg 425kg 450kg

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