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    YTO-LX904CS Crawler Tractor

    • YTO
    90HP Half Track Tractor
    Environment friendly, our YTO-LX904CS half-track tractor is equipped with the diesel engine manufactured on the basis of British technology, characterized by big torque, powerful overload capacity and low energy consumption. Besides, our product is quite popular with farmers by virtue of the following features.
    1. The (3+1)×4 compound gearbox is consisted of multiple gears, resulting in wide applications on various kinds of soils.
    2. The hydraulic steering system, independent oil-way, and multiple rotating speeds, can fully meet the requirement for different working conditions and farm implements.
    3. Safe and reliable, our half-track tractor is provided with pedal-operated hydraulic brake and manually controlled braking system.

    4. This agricultural half-track tractor can be installed with oil separator for powerful lifting force. Moreover, the forced soil penetrating device is optional, as well.

    5. The pneumatic brake system and the 1/2/3 groups hydraulic output multiway valve are available according to the actual demand of the customer.

    6. The heating system, air condition, and the audio system are selectable for cab of the agricultural vehicle. The comfortable driving will bring you high working efficiency.

    7. The transfer box and rear track of the eco-friendly half track tractor is interchangeable with that of YTO-X904 series. So it can be used as a wheeled tractor.

    Model LX904CS
    YTO-LX904CS half-track tractor
    Overall dimension (L×W×H) (mm) (without dozer blade) 4350×2400×2765
    Min. operating mass (kg) 4450
    Front wheel tread (mm) 1562-2000
    Rear track gauge (mm) 1720
    Wheelbase (mm) 2314
    Track shoe width (mm) 550
    Ground pressure (kPa) 30
    Ground contact length (mm) 1020
    Diesel engine
    Model LR4M5-23
    Type In-line, water cooled, four stroke
    Rated power and rotating speed (kW/rpm) 66.5/2300
    Gear shift (F/R) 12/4
    Speed range (km/h) (F/R) 0.74-12.09/1.92-5.72
    Power of PTO shaft (kW) 55
    PTO rotating speed (r/min) 720 (optional), 540, 800, 1000, 540/1000, 540/720, 720/800
    Clutch Single disc, double acting
    Working device
    Suspension type Rear-mounted three-point suspension (type II)
    Plowing depth control method Force control, position control, integrated force and position control, floating control
    Lifting force (KN) 17
    Rated traction (KN) 19.8 

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